"Metal is a plastic Medium"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silhouette Dies!

A silhouette die is just one of the ways to form metal using the hydraulic die forming technique. Like this:die
A Silhouette of the desired design is cut out of hard material like,plastic, metal or hard wood to create a" female" die,and metal is formed into the die with hydraulic pressure. A perfect material for a silhouette die would be a plastic cutting board. The same material would be perfect for
a punch also. Something that could be used to punch a design into the metal sitting on a pad of Flexane, using a hydraulic press.

Make sure to anneal the metal before pressing it into the silhouette die.
The metal that is going to be pressed into the die,is sandwiched in between a pad of Flexane on the bottom, and the silhouette die on the top.

When all of that is put into a hydraulic press and put under pressure,the Flexane forces the metal into the silhouette die.

If two halves are going to be put together to make a hollow form, just flip the die over once the first impression is made,and form the second half.

Hydraulic Die Forming