"Metal is a plastic Medium"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can Two halves make a whole?

Every time I put together the two halves of sheet metal that were formed from side number one and side number two of a Masonite die, I always relish the thought of cutting off the flange from the sheet metal completely. I usually leave a small flange on each piece.  If they were cut off completely the difference could be seen if the edges didn’t meet up with each other.
I have been told that the space in between the inside edges of the two formed halves could be filled with half round wire and then the flange could be cut away.  The piece cant be completely closed though.
I have also been told that the two halves can be tig welded together.
I think I came up with another idea. The other day I brazed two halves together that were formed from each side of a die.
They were brazed from the inside.  I was able to do that because each half was half of a circle and there was an opening that allowed me to do so.
I filled the gap in between the edges of the two halves, with brazing rod. While I was brazing I kept thinking of the times when I was told that solder wouldn’t jump gaps. Hopefully I’ll prove those people wrong. It worked so far but I’ll find out for sure after I cut away the flange.